It’s weird being an adult (or pretending to be one) and thinking back on times when life was easier – even if a little crazier. Every year when the Cannes Film Festival rolls around I get a little nostalgic for my times abroad. Before getting to Paris, my study abroad program took us to Cannes for two weeks (a sort of ‘language introduction’ if you will). And every year when the pictures from the film festival come out I scroll through them, reminiscing and feeling homesick for France.


Leo, you’re killing me with  your good looks!

Our ‘introductory’ language and culture classes were only from 8-10 am every morning so after that we were free to roam the city (enter in the easy, care free lifestyle of studying abroad) and I feel so lucky to have had that experience. I grew up so much during that time and without it I wouldn’t be me. Did any of you study abroad or live abroad? Have you been back yet – I haven’t, but I know that I will because “America is my country, but Paris is my hometown.” (Gertrude Stein)

2 thoughts on “Cannes

  1. I studied abroad in Japan and haven’t really been back for years. I think I’ve returned, but I love traveling so much, so I’m always looking for the next place to go. I’m definitely a proponent of the study abroad experience because it’s relatively inexpensive (usually same as the home university), and living in another country really is life-changing. 🙂


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