Love n’ Haight

I’ve never been much of a collector of things. My sister used to collect stamps, my dad collects model airplanes, I knew someone who’s mom collected teddy bears (literally ALL over the house), my uncle had a great collection of little matchbox cars and and an even cooler case that held them all (enter in my organizing obsession – I didn’t play with the cars I just took them out of their awesome case so I could organize them and put them back in). But I guess if I actually collected something it would be knick-knacks. Does that count, does everyone collect knick-knacks?


People go crazy for collections, you gotta get them all. Baseball cards, pogs, smushed pennies, beanie babies (definitely went through this phase),  postcards, snow globes, stuffed animals – what kind of things did / do you collect?  This store on Haight, has a great collection of bugs, if that is your kind of thing. Me, I’d rather stick to knick-knacks, like these gold animals from Target – can’t just get one – gotta get them all!

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