Friday’s Favs

Weekends are too short and the weeks are becoming too long for me. I feel like I barely made it to Friday this week. But it’s here finally and the weekend is ready to roll!


Cranes on cranes on cranes – SOMA is getting a facelift, there is construction going on everywhere.


If I had my own backyard or patio I would definitely make this! Such a cool DIY for displaying flowers in the summertime.


We took my boo’s little nieces (little as in barely a year old and nieces plural as in twinsies) to the San Francisco Zoo. I had never been before but it was really cool. Sometimes zoos make me a little sad but the flamingos seemed to be enjoying themselves.


Sometimes you just need a night with the ladies and lots of wine. We made this recipe and it turned out perfectly. The noodles were thick and chewy almost and the sauce was light and flavorful. Topped with salty prosciutto and cheese = a perfect dinner.


View from Treasure Island – it’s never going to get old. Happy weekend friends!

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