Wall Art

I have recently been buying more and more art to cover the walls. All the walls in my room have something on them so I started buying art for the rest of the apartment. Artwork is a true representation of your personality and it makes your apartment feel lived-in and homier.


This drawing if of the Scott Monument in Edinburgh. A couple years ago I went to visit my sister (who was staying there for a month) and this is where we first met up. It was the first thing I saw in this magical town and it has stuck with me. It is so fitting that J.K Rowling wrote Harry Potter in the Elephant House Cafe in Edinburgh because this city literally feels like Hogsmeade.

053 (2)

Do you guys remember VHS? I know my kids will have no idea what these are and I think that is part of why I bought this print. There used to be stacks and stacks of these in the cabinet next to the TV when I was little. Remember how you had to rewind all the way to the beginning and how you could hear the little wheels with the film turning? Nostalgia, my friends, I think I am getting old.

035 (2)

I studied abroad in Paris and it is so much a part of me. I know my house (when I grow up) will have little touches of it here and there, and I love this print because it reminds me of the little things I would pass everyday. From far away you can tell its about Paris (the Eiffel Tower is hard to miss) but when you get closer you can see street names and famous French people and things that you would only recognize from living there.


I’m not sure if it’s kosher to have SF prints/stuff in your SF apartment but I couldn’t say no to these. The neighborhoods in SF, like many other cities, are so unique and these prints capture all of their different identities perfectly.

013 (2)

I got these four because obviously I live in, blog about and love the Haight and that mural is actually where the background for my blog title letters comes from (copycats).

012 (2)

The Panhandle print is so colorful and I have never lived that far away from it. It’s near and dear to me, as I run/picnic/walk through it a lot.

018 (2)

Alamo Square is an SF icon, the Pink Ladies with the view of the skyline in the back screams SF, and everyone loves a cute picture of a dog.

016 (2)

The Hayes Valley print feels like summer in SF to me. It is the cutest little neighborhood – with its Beirgarten, cute shops and amazing brunch places. I bought these SF prints and I hang them in my SF apartment because they are meaningful in my SF life and no matter where I go I can always take these little pieces of San Francisco with me.

023 (2)

These two are from Etsy, (ISeeNoise) and there are so many to choose from. I got these because 1. I love gold and white (I’m a neutrals kind of girl), 2. they are super girly and 3. because I had nothing like them. They live on the wall next to where I keep all my jewelry and they add the perfect touch of sparkle.

025 (2)

028 (2)

This print is also from Etsy (yellowlion) and my initial reaction to it was that it reminded me of the circle of life song from The Lion King (yellow lion = Simba = song stuck in my head, see my progression). It has tiny trees on it and hand prints and as you back away it all becomes a soft white circle of life.  I had it framed with a weighted bottom to accentuate the circular feel and it is one of my favorites.

What are your favorite pieces of art? Where and how do you find them? I’m always looking for new stuff!

One thought on “Wall Art

  1. I’ve lived in my place for over three years, and I still struggle with putting art up on the walls. I think it’s my inability to commit to the pieces of art. :-p I’m determined to put a frame wall though. I’ve even gone out of my way to scope out all the Goodwill/Salvation Army/St Vincent de Paul locations in SF and nearby for frames!

    Love the VHS one. Did you also have a racecar-shaped rewinding machine? :p I swear everyone had those.


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