Love n’ Haight

I’m not a huge hair product person, I know I should be more, to protect it from all the bad stuff I do to it, but sometimes it’s just so much work. The one product I do use consistently is the Surf Spray from Bumble & Bumble. It is a miracle worker. I usually wear my hair in a bun to bed and when I wake up I spray a little surf in the waves and go. This stuff is the best, it adds texture and it holds a curl really well – not to mention it smells like summer – and sometimes if you’re having a good hair day it can even make waves out of straight hair, I told you it could work miracles.


I don’t do much with my hair for work (hence my love for the wave making spray) but I do love trying out new hairstyles and braids and buns and such. This cool girl on Haight, I stalked her a little bit, had an awesome sweeping-from-one-side-to-the-other braid that I was envious of and that I will have to try out.

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