Freda Salvador


YOU GUYS – I won something AWESOME! You know how people say they never win things – I’m not going to say that, even though I can’t remember the last time I won something – but I do know this is the BEST thing I have ever won…


My friend hosted an event for ENCORE (SF Ballet group) at Freda Salvador (awesome little shoe boutique in the Marina) last night. The SF Ballet is doing a Cinderella production so the event was centered around shoes (get it – shoes, glass slipper, so clever!).






Freda Salvador is an awesome brand started by two awesome ladies, Megan and Cristina, who have their shoe making and designing down pat. I love their aesthetic – they said it was a combination of their two very different styles. Megan is more bohemian and she loves prints while Cristina’s style is more monochromatic, clean cut and tailored. This shoe is the perfect marriage of those unique styles and it shows throughout their entire line.


They have a Fall and Spring line out right now but they are working on larger lines for the next seasons. [Enter boots here]. They even said a men’s line is in the works…




I won these beautiful babies in the raffle and I was told they are going to be featured in a magazine next month – I am so ahead of the game! Cristina and Megan were so nice, they literally let me have my pick of any shoe in the store! It was such a Cinderella story (yep, it’s all coming full circle now).


I want to give a huge thanks to ENCORE for putting on this event and to the lovely ladies at Freda Salvador for the amazing shoes!

6 thoughts on “Freda Salvador

  1. Must have been our lucky night. At the yoga event last night, I won a gift card to Athleta where the yoga class was hosted. 🙂 WOOO! Congrats!


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