I recently discovered this website – StickyGram – where you can turn your instagrams into magnets! I know there are probably a bunch of websites out there that help you print/make your instagrams into something but this one is legit! I picked out my photos (you get 9 for 15 bucks) and then they send them to you in one big block.


I could be cute to keep them together and make one giant magnet or to cut them up like I did. I gave a couple to my friend for her birthday (her fridge was in need of some love) and the rest I put in my kitchen. The only magnetic thing we have is the hood over our oven, so it now has some love too!




I think these make great gifts for any occasion. I just need to take more instagram pictures of people so I can send them some for their birthdays. I also want to (shhh don’t tell) get my boo’s instagram password so I can print some of his!

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