Friday’s Favs

It has been a long week. I woke up everyday this week thinking “oh man its only…” Then I would hit snooze and go back to sleep for half an hour, as if more sleep would make the week go by faster. One great thing about this week though, has been the weather. This bright, clear blue sky was around all week and thoroughly enjoyed by all.


It’s officially spring with this picture – sunshine, fresh blooms, ladybugs – I’m ready, bring it warm weather.


We puppy-sat these two ladies this past weekend. The bulldog is Princess and the pitbull is Luna (short for Lunesta, she is a sleepy puppy). Both are the sweetest little ladies and they are best buds – as you can tell by their couch cuddling.


On my way to happy hour this week I make a wrong turn and ended up walking up and over a giant hill – twice. I decided (as I took a break to catch my breath – these San Francisco hills are killer) that I would attempt an outfit photo. My first, hopefully more to come, in greater detail.


Nothing beats a morning bun and OJ on a sunny Sunday. Hope you have a great weekend friends!


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