Creative Action Network (C.A.N) – is a company that was started by a seriously cool couple of dudes. They describe their business as “crowdsourcing creativity for causes.” It’s about connecting artists with important causes, they have done campaigns for Haiti and Obama and are making the public aware of issues through art, something we all can relate to.


Last night they hosted an art show in the Mission, on gun control (#GunShowGallery). After this week, especially with the senate vote and with all of the happenings in Boston – this is a very sensitive subject. I’m not here to voice my opinion or to make anyone angry. I’m posting about this because awareness is important and because whether or not we want to face it this is a huge issue that is affecting everyone. I just wanted to share some of the inspiring art and inspiring words from last night. And hopefully this art will help us cope with the tragedy this country has faced.




Van Jones (from Rebuild the Dream) was inspiring when he said “I know we have all had breakdowns, one or a few. I know I have. But every time I have a breakdown, it’s been a prelude to a breakthrough. And that is what is important.”


My heart goes out to Boston, hopefully the breakthrough is coming soon.


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