For the Love of Sushi…

When a coupon for sushi comes out you gotta snag it. I recently bought a coupon for $50 dollars at Tsunami Sushi for $20 bucks and it was worth every penny. I am relatively new to sushi, I never ate it in college (I ordered the chicken teriyaki roll), but since graduating I’ve become obsessed! My boo and I are always trying to find good places for sushi, our favorite being Koo, and this one just got added to the list!


Tsunami Sushi is a relatively new place in the Panhandle, which is so nice because we could walk there! The ambiance is new and trendy, with some funky music and a large bar. We started with miso…


Then went on to the good stuff. We got three rolls – the special, which was a California roll with the weekly special fish on top and a really pretty shrimp.


Our second roll was the 1974, which had scallop and asparagus, topped with salmon, lemon & black tobiko.


The last roll, which was my favorite (for some reason I really love warm sushi), was the Mama San. It had tempura shrimp with cucumber inside and it was topped with spicy tuna (another fav of mine) ponzu and scallions.


All three were great. The fish was very fresh and all of the flavors melded nice in your mouth. I will definitely be going back – for the love of sushi and because I bought two coupons!

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