Friday’s Favs

This has been kind of a hectic week with happy hours, musicals, apartment viewings and charity events, but it’s been a good one and its leading up to an even better weekend. Here are a couple things from this week that kept me going, even in my rain soaked boots.


Last Sunday was Easter and Game of Thrones premiere and this year (instead of making medieval food) we made shepherd’s pie and rolls. Not just any rolls though – bunny buns! This one looks evil but they were SO tastey it made up for it.


I saw this glass ball garland at CB2 and immediately tried to think of somewhere to put it in my apartment. I’m still thinking but I want it regardless!


In my 3 years living here I have never seen a bird on the bus (I did hear a chicken in a bag once, but that’s a story for another time) let alone a parrot with a fitted rain jacket. Thanks for keeping it interesting SF, you never fail to disappoint!


With all the rain in town, a little rainbow was due for a visit. HAPPY WEEKEND!

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