I recently discovered this website – StickyGram – where you can turn your instagrams into magnets! I know there are probably a bunch of websites out there that help you print/make your instagrams into something but this one is legit! I picked out my photos (you get 9 for 15 bucks) and then they send them to you in one big block.


I could be cute to keep them together and make one giant magnet or to cut them up like I did. I gave a couple to my friend for her birthday (her fridge was in need of some love) and the rest I put in my kitchen. The only magnetic thing we have is the hood over our oven, so it now has some love too!




I think these make great gifts for any occasion. I just need to take more instagram pictures of people so I can send them some for their birthdays. I also want to (shhh don’t tell) get my boo’s instagram password so I can print some of his!

Friday’s Favs

It has been a long week. I woke up everyday this week thinking “oh man its only…” Then I would hit snooze and go back to sleep for half an hour, as if more sleep would make the week go by faster. One great thing about this week though, has been the weather. This bright, clear blue sky was around all week and thoroughly enjoyed by all.


It’s officially spring with this picture – sunshine, fresh blooms, ladybugs – I’m ready, bring it warm weather.


We puppy-sat these two ladies this past weekend. The bulldog is Princess and the pitbull is Luna (short for Lunesta, she is a sleepy puppy). Both are the sweetest little ladies and they are best buds – as you can tell by their couch cuddling.


On my way to happy hour this week I make a wrong turn and ended up walking up and over a giant hill – twice. I decided (as I took a break to catch my breath – these San Francisco hills are killer) that I would attempt an outfit photo. My first, hopefully more to come, in greater detail.


Nothing beats a morning bun and OJ on a sunny Sunday. Hope you have a great weekend friends!


Love n’ Haight

My boo and I are looking for an apartment (such grown ups we are) and for those of you that live in SF or any big city you know that this is no small feat. In the past two weeks we have seen a total of 15 – count ‘em – FIFTEEN apartments. And we only really liked one, but it was borderline not so great neighborhood. So we are still looking, and scheduling viewings and trying to stay organized. Again – no small feat, multitasking is hard.


I found these note pads and wanted to buy all of the different kinds to stay organized with this whole apartment business. This lady obviously doesn’t need them because she is the multitasking master – she is singing, playing the accordion and balancing on that ball all at once, Haight Street multitasking magician.

Mini Shortcakes


The weather in SF has been stellar!! It looks, feels, and even smells (I know you know what I mean) like summer in SF right now. And you know what comes with summer – strawberry shortcake! One of my favorite desserts, it is so simple and delicious.


And you know me, if I can be made miniature I’m all about it. I made these for my friend’s birthday bbq in our backyard and they were gone in about 30 seconds – so I’m thinking they were good! I used this recipe and only added a little lemon juice and zest to the strawberry mixture.


When I was little and I would make biscuits with my dad, I loved this step – cutting in the butter. We had this fancy tool and it was my favorite step and still is, even with my inferior cutting tool – a fork. I love how the texture of the flour changes, it looks sandy and when you add the milk it turns into a shaggy pile of dough.

IMG_1887 IMG_1896

With something like buttery biscuit dough you don’t want to over mix/knead/roll it. It makes the biscuit tough and hard.


I don’t have a rolling pin so I used a glass to roll out the dough and I must have been channeling the french baker in me because I rolled the dough into the shape of France!

IMG_1901 france



These make the perfect bite sized treat for summer!


Creative Action Network (C.A.N) – is a company that was started by a seriously cool couple of dudes. They describe their business as “crowdsourcing creativity for causes.” It’s about connecting artists with important causes, they have done campaigns for Haiti and Obama and are making the public aware of issues through art, something we all can relate to.


Last night they hosted an art show in the Mission, on gun control (#GunShowGallery). After this week, especially with the senate vote and with all of the happenings in Boston – this is a very sensitive subject. I’m not here to voice my opinion or to make anyone angry. I’m posting about this because awareness is important and because whether or not we want to face it this is a huge issue that is affecting everyone. I just wanted to share some of the inspiring art and inspiring words from last night. And hopefully this art will help us cope with the tragedy this country has faced.




Van Jones (from Rebuild the Dream) was inspiring when he said “I know we have all had breakdowns, one or a few. I know I have. But every time I have a breakdown, it’s been a prelude to a breakthrough. And that is what is important.”


My heart goes out to Boston, hopefully the breakthrough is coming soon.


Friday’s Favs

Hello Friends! Sorry I have been silent this week – lots of things going on and my laziness played a huge factor. Being bored at work all day is not conducive for a productive evening. This weekend we are being productive though, and going camping! And I’m being productive today (two posts) and I’m being productive right now by showing you some things from this week that made me smile (look at me go!).

Spinsters had our giant charity party (at the City Club) and everyone got all gussied up for the event.

This past Tuesday was Free Cone day at Ben & Jerry’s – look at that line go!

After a walk in the park my boo and I stopped by Stowe Lake and met this lovely couple. I think he was scared we were trying to steal his girl…

Happy Hour in North Beach is a nice change of scenery. I never make it out there but I always have a great time when I do!



Something pretty for you on this lovely Friday in San Francisco.

For the Love of Sushi…

When a coupon for sushi comes out you gotta snag it. I recently bought a coupon for $50 dollars at Tsunami Sushi for $20 bucks and it was worth every penny. I am relatively new to sushi, I never ate it in college (I ordered the chicken teriyaki roll), but since graduating I’ve become obsessed! My boo and I are always trying to find good places for sushi, our favorite being Koo, and this one just got added to the list!


Tsunami Sushi is a relatively new place in the Panhandle, which is so nice because we could walk there! The ambiance is new and trendy, with some funky music and a large bar. We started with miso…


Then went on to the good stuff. We got three rolls – the special, which was a California roll with the weekly special fish on top and a really pretty shrimp.


Our second roll was the 1974, which had scallop and asparagus, topped with salmon, lemon & black tobiko.


The last roll, which was my favorite (for some reason I really love warm sushi), was the Mama San. It had tempura shrimp with cucumber inside and it was topped with spicy tuna (another fav of mine) ponzu and scallions.


All three were great. The fish was very fresh and all of the flavors melded nice in your mouth. I will definitely be going back – for the love of sushi and because I bought two coupons!

Friday’s Favs

This has been kind of a hectic week with happy hours, musicals, apartment viewings and charity events, but it’s been a good one and its leading up to an even better weekend. Here are a couple things from this week that kept me going, even in my rain soaked boots.


Last Sunday was Easter and Game of Thrones premiere and this year (instead of making medieval food) we made shepherd’s pie and rolls. Not just any rolls though – bunny buns! This one looks evil but they were SO tastey it made up for it.


I saw this glass ball garland at CB2 and immediately tried to think of somewhere to put it in my apartment. I’m still thinking but I want it regardless!


In my 3 years living here I have never seen a bird on the bus (I did hear a chicken in a bag once, but that’s a story for another time) let alone a parrot with a fitted rain jacket. Thanks for keeping it interesting SF, you never fail to disappoint!


With all the rain in town, a little rainbow was due for a visit. HAPPY WEEKEND!

Frankie Valli

I went to see Jersey Boys last night, and the people I told kind of laughed and said it was for old fogies. And I’m not going to lie, there WERE a lot of elderly there and maybe I am getting old too but I LOVED IT! A friend I went with has seen it 3 times and STILL loves it. So I say old schmold, more years = more wisdom, right?


We had a nice dinner at Gott’s in the Ferry Building (not pictured – ahi poke tacos, I was so hungry I scarfed them right away). My two dates got tacos and a burger, both looked delicious but not delicious enough for me to stop eating my tacos to take a picture.

The chandelier from the Curan Theater


The show was great, the music was great – and man could that Frankie Valli sing high….


Both illegal pictures taken from the balcony – woops.