Love n’ Haight

I’m getting old guys. I went to a show last night, a school night (we saw Major Lazer, at the Independent) and I am struggling to stay awake at work right now. I didn’t even go to bed that late – I guess my weekly routine of being in my bed by 10pm is hindering my ability to stay up late. I need the weekend to be here, or I need a vaca, make it a tropical vaca – I could pack these two…


Flamingos are my favorite, and this phone case is amazing. At this moment I can’t justify spending $50 bucks on it but maybe ask me next week. And this little doggie in the window is so ready for a tropical vacation, moo moo and all!

One thought on “Love n’ Haight

  1. O loved your post and the flamingos are beautiful! Reminds me of South Florida!
    I wanted to share another cute accessory for a Iphone that work awesome for sharing music from the phone. Magic Music Box! They are like 25..00 try the link on my name if you want to take a look



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