Positive Reinforcement


Usually a sunny day in SF is reason enough for a hike but the offer of a fried chicken sandwich sold me. Last weekend my boo and I took the sunshine as a good enough reason to go across the bridge and up into the Berkeley hills for a hike. (Enter nature shots).



Watch out city folk, you will encounter nature here.




We hiked for a couple hours, felt real good about ourselves and then we went and had some fried chickin’ sandwiches ya’ll! It was positive reinforcement, you hike you get delicious sandwich as a reward, and a gold star.


If you live in the Bay Area and haven’t been here you are missing out. Bakesale Betty’s aka the best fried chicken sandwich EVER – and yes I would put money on that statement, is a staple in these parts (fried chicken makes me feel country).


This line tells you something about how amazing these sandwiches are, we waited 30 minutes after hiking for 2 hours and it was worth it for this:


Look at that beauty – fried crispy goodness with light, crunchy, fresh slaw on a soft roll. It will never get old. Something I love about this place is that the sandwich never changes, you have it over and over again and never once was it bad, or soggy or just not right. Every single time you shake your head after the first bite and revel in how ridiculously good it is – I could profess my love for this sandwich all day, but I won’t. I’ll just show you a picture that will make you want one yourself.


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