Last night my boo and I tried a new place in Cole Valley. It’s the sister restaurant to Mamacita in the mission and its called Padrecito (cute right –  a little family joint). The mood is very family-esque, they have long communal tables with cloth napkins and the vibe is warm and inviting.


We got some drinks, mostly because it had been a long day for both of us and because this place loves mezcal. I tried the Padrecito, which was a margarita with white tequila and mezcal. It was all limey, smoky deliciousness.. My boo got the Gaucho, ride ‘em cowboy, which was a tastey little number with rye and maple syrup.

padre8 padre3

Everything on the menu looked amazing, so we tried to pick things we wouldn’t usually have. Like lamb meatballs (ok maybe I picked them because they are called albondigas, alllbondiiigassssss) for starters. They come doused in a rich spicy tomato sauce over a bed of rice with get this – roasted brussel sprouts on top. The meatballs were moist, the rice stuck to everything, the sauce had a bite and the brussels were crunchy – quite good.


For dinner we shared the goat (yep goat) tacos and the duck (yep, mexican duck) chilaquiles. Both were outstanding. I’ve never had goat before, it’s a bit like beef but it has such a distinct flavor. The tacos were chock filled with the goat meat and had just enough fixings inside, which allowed for the tender meat to shine through.


The duck chilaquiles took the cake though – soaked in a chipotle sauce and then drenched in onions, kale, fava beans, duck and cheese – they were delectable. Still crisp chips with duck and flavorful kale was a great combo.

padre5 padre6

After trying things we usually wouldn’t get (but were amazing) we will definitely be going back to get the staples. The crudo and the calamari tacos are next on the list!

Muy Delicioso Amigos!

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