Bacon S’mores

Every good recipe starts with bacon, or ends with bacon in this case. I took this recipe and enhanced it for my friends birthday party last week. She was a girl scout (hence the s’mores) and she loves bacon (who doesn’t) and  thus this love child was born. And let me tell you the addition of bacon to this recipe is a game changer.


I changed a couple of things when making these – I used ghiradelli 60% cacao chocolate chips (easier for putting in cups and for melting on top – and the dark chocolate offsets the sugary marshmallow and salty bacon perfectly). I would also very much recommend using real brand name graham crackers, I used organic (only thing they had at the market) and they did not turn out as well as before. And lastly I added bacon, bacon on top and bacon grease (1 less tbs of butter, one 1 tbs of bacon grease) into the crusts. Excessive, I know, but worth it.

butter mix




One bite is a full range of flavors; sweet, gooey, chocolatey, buttery, grahamy, and salty and smokey from the bacon.


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