Treasure Trove

A couple weekends ago, I visited the Alameda Flea Market (aka Alameda Antique Fair) with some ladies. It’s held the first Sunday of every month and it is MASSIVE! Rows upon rows of treasures that go on forever. It took us close to 4 hours to get through it all!


We all came prepared with a list of things we needed (well, need being the operative word here – enter tandem tricycle). I think the best things we found were a trunk for $35 dollars, an antique metal drinks tray for $12 and a Patagonia Vest for $10, that’s right $10 dollars.


Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat. Wouldn’t it make my collection complete..


Look at this trove, treasures untold, how many wonders can one cavern hold….


Sorry, little mermaid just fit too perfectly there. I really wanted this hat, but my budget and little voice inside my head asking ‘what would you do that that’ said no.


I also wanted this retro thermal lunch box, I love the flannel print.


Overall it was a huge success, and I would definitely go back. It would be great to go and get things for a new apartment. Most of the stuff would need some DIY love but it would be such a fun project!





One lady’s junk is another lady’s treasure!

2 thoughts on “Treasure Trove

    • hey niftythriftygoodwill – the prices were varied. Some places were just too pricey, while others were just looking to sell everything they had. I was looking for a bar tray and the first couple I saw were in the $40+ range but kept looking and found my $12 one. So I think it takes a lot of looking and also you can kind of haggle with the sellers to get the price you want! I really recommend this flee market, it has so much great stuff for reasonable prices!


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