The Bay Lights

I can’t get enough of this city. Denim jeans were invented here, it was just named the most popular city to visit, and it now houses the world’s largest light sculpture! You have to admit, it’s pretty legit (rhyme intended).


The Bay Bridge just got a major upgrade by an artist named Leo Villareal (more info here) and last night was the opening ceremony for his project known as the Bay Lights. To celebrate and to get a good spot to watch, a couple of friends and I camped out at pier 41 (and of course we brought wine).

Everyone had a different idea of when it was going to start, some said 8:00pm, others said 8:30pm, and still others said 9:00pm. So we showed up at 6:30pm (I really wanted a good seat), at 830 it started to rain, and finally at 9 the lights started.



The pictures don’t do it justice and the rain doesn’t help, BUT it was awesome. The Bay Bridge is already beautiful but with the light installation it just comes to life. The timing of the lights at some points make it look like the bridge is breathing and other times it looks like it’s sparkling. The lights from the city and the bridge reflect in the water and the city just shines. One iconic bridge wasn’t enough for us, we needed two.


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