Love n’ Haight

I’m getting old guys. I went to a show last night, a school night (we saw Major Lazer, at the Independent) and I am struggling to stay awake at work right now. I didn’t even go to bed that late – I guess my weekly routine of being in my bed by 10pm is hindering my ability to stay up late. I need the weekend to be here, or I need a vaca, make it a tropical vaca – I could pack these two…


Flamingos are my favorite, and this phone case is amazing. At this moment I can’t justify spending $50 bucks on it but maybe ask me next week. And this little doggie in the window is so ready for a tropical vacation, moo moo and all!

Positive Reinforcement


Usually a sunny day in SF is reason enough for a hike but the offer of a fried chicken sandwich sold me. Last weekend my boo and I took the sunshine as a good enough reason to go across the bridge and up into the Berkeley hills for a hike. (Enter nature shots).



Watch out city folk, you will encounter nature here.




We hiked for a couple hours, felt real good about ourselves and then we went and had some fried chickin’ sandwiches ya’ll! It was positive reinforcement, you hike you get delicious sandwich as a reward, and a gold star.


If you live in the Bay Area and haven’t been here you are missing out. Bakesale Betty’s aka the best fried chicken sandwich EVER – and yes I would put money on that statement, is a staple in these parts (fried chicken makes me feel country).


This line tells you something about how amazing these sandwiches are, we waited 30 minutes after hiking for 2 hours and it was worth it for this:


Look at that beauty – fried crispy goodness with light, crunchy, fresh slaw on a soft roll. It will never get old. Something I love about this place is that the sandwich never changes, you have it over and over again and never once was it bad, or soggy or just not right. Every single time you shake your head after the first bite and revel in how ridiculously good it is – I could profess my love for this sandwich all day, but I won’t. I’ll just show you a picture that will make you want one yourself.



Last night my boo and I tried a new place in Cole Valley. It’s the sister restaurant to Mamacita in the mission and its called Padrecito (cute right –  a little family joint). The mood is very family-esque, they have long communal tables with cloth napkins and the vibe is warm and inviting.


We got some drinks, mostly because it had been a long day for both of us and because this place loves mezcal. I tried the Padrecito, which was a margarita with white tequila and mezcal. It was all limey, smoky deliciousness.. My boo got the Gaucho, ride ‘em cowboy, which was a tastey little number with rye and maple syrup.

padre8 padre3

Everything on the menu looked amazing, so we tried to pick things we wouldn’t usually have. Like lamb meatballs (ok maybe I picked them because they are called albondigas, alllbondiiigassssss) for starters. They come doused in a rich spicy tomato sauce over a bed of rice with get this – roasted brussel sprouts on top. The meatballs were moist, the rice stuck to everything, the sauce had a bite and the brussels were crunchy – quite good.


For dinner we shared the goat (yep goat) tacos and the duck (yep, mexican duck) chilaquiles. Both were outstanding. I’ve never had goat before, it’s a bit like beef but it has such a distinct flavor. The tacos were chock filled with the goat meat and had just enough fixings inside, which allowed for the tender meat to shine through.


The duck chilaquiles took the cake though – soaked in a chipotle sauce and then drenched in onions, kale, fava beans, duck and cheese – they were delectable. Still crisp chips with duck and flavorful kale was a great combo.

padre5 padre6

After trying things we usually wouldn’t get (but were amazing) we will definitely be going back to get the staples. The crudo and the calamari tacos are next on the list!

Muy Delicioso Amigos!

Bacon S’mores

Every good recipe starts with bacon, or ends with bacon in this case. I took this recipe and enhanced it for my friends birthday party last week. She was a girl scout (hence the s’mores) and she loves bacon (who doesn’t) and  thus this love child was born. And let me tell you the addition of bacon to this recipe is a game changer.


I changed a couple of things when making these – I used ghiradelli 60% cacao chocolate chips (easier for putting in cups and for melting on top – and the dark chocolate offsets the sugary marshmallow and salty bacon perfectly). I would also very much recommend using real brand name graham crackers, I used organic (only thing they had at the market) and they did not turn out as well as before. And lastly I added bacon, bacon on top and bacon grease (1 less tbs of butter, one 1 tbs of bacon grease) into the crusts. Excessive, I know, but worth it.

butter mix




One bite is a full range of flavors; sweet, gooey, chocolatey, buttery, grahamy, and salty and smokey from the bacon.


Love n’ Haight

You know its going to be a good day when you get a sunrise like this. It makes waiting for the bus at 7:15am not so bad. It’s an omen for a great day and an even better weekend! Warm summer-like weather is heading towards SF – watch out! I don’t even remember what it feels like to be warm while standing outside (ok maybe that’s a tiny exaggeration…maybe).


This dress could be worn in SF’s summer months (with sandals and sunnies) or in her winter months (with tights, boots and a scarf) not sure which season is colder here but I don’t care because its going to be summer this weekend! Happy Friday Friends!

Treasure Trove

A couple weekends ago, I visited the Alameda Flea Market (aka Alameda Antique Fair) with some ladies. It’s held the first Sunday of every month and it is MASSIVE! Rows upon rows of treasures that go on forever. It took us close to 4 hours to get through it all!


We all came prepared with a list of things we needed (well, need being the operative word here – enter tandem tricycle). I think the best things we found were a trunk for $35 dollars, an antique metal drinks tray for $12 and a Patagonia Vest for $10, that’s right $10 dollars.


Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat. Wouldn’t it make my collection complete..


Look at this trove, treasures untold, how many wonders can one cavern hold….


Sorry, little mermaid just fit too perfectly there. I really wanted this hat, but my budget and little voice inside my head asking ‘what would you do that that’ said no.


I also wanted this retro thermal lunch box, I love the flannel print.


Overall it was a huge success, and I would definitely go back. It would be great to go and get things for a new apartment. Most of the stuff would need some DIY love but it would be such a fun project!





One lady’s junk is another lady’s treasure!

The Bay Lights

I can’t get enough of this city. Denim jeans were invented here, it was just named the most popular city to visit, and it now houses the world’s largest light sculpture! You have to admit, it’s pretty legit (rhyme intended).


The Bay Bridge just got a major upgrade by an artist named Leo Villareal (more info here) and last night was the opening ceremony for his project known as the Bay Lights. To celebrate and to get a good spot to watch, a couple of friends and I camped out at pier 41 (and of course we brought wine).

Everyone had a different idea of when it was going to start, some said 8:00pm, others said 8:30pm, and still others said 9:00pm. So we showed up at 6:30pm (I really wanted a good seat), at 830 it started to rain, and finally at 9 the lights started.



The pictures don’t do it justice and the rain doesn’t help, BUT it was awesome. The Bay Bridge is already beautiful but with the light installation it just comes to life. The timing of the lights at some points make it look like the bridge is breathing and other times it looks like it’s sparkling. The lights from the city and the bridge reflect in the water and the city just shines. One iconic bridge wasn’t enough for us, we needed two.