Ricky Bobby

Last night I had dinner with my friend Rachel at a new restaurant in Lower Haight. It has great reviews but the name alone drew me in – Ricky Bobby. Every time I say it in my head I hear the french man from Talladega Nights slur it together “rrrickybubby.” The food was perfectly hipster with a touch of gourmet and fried goodness – and they change their menu all the time to keep you coming back.


To start we had wine – first course is always wine with us.


Second course we had sweet potato tater tots – OH MAN – I need to find the machine that makes these, buy it and have tater tot parties because these were amazing. Fried cripsy on the outside and soft and sweet inside.


Third course we had short rib lasagna with rainbow chard, creamy tomato sauce and basil. This was so delicious and unexpected. The short ribs with the pasta and cheese were flavors I hadn’t had together, like a pot roast lasagna, but they worked perfectly with each other.


For the final course we had the bacon burger. This bad boy is beef and bacon ground together and comes with american cheese, the house mayo and ketchup mix, pickles and onions. It was delicious. Who knew mixing bacon into the burger could be such a game changer?


When I showed up and saw the five dollar ice cream sundae on the menu I told Rachel I wanted to get that. After we finished (well barely) she asked if I still wanted it and we both laughed. Needless to say that didn’t happen, maybe next time rrrickybubby.


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