Red, White and Pink M&Ms


This is one of my favorite holidays, I know people say its a made up day to profit the the card, flower and candy industries but it has a cute history. The story, as I know it, goes a little like this. Long ago a priest, Valentine was his name, would perform marriages for soldiers who were forbidden to marry (why they were forbidden to marry I don’t know, but he risked his neck to help people in love). He was arrested and imprisoned for doing this, and while in jail he was said to have healed (or maybe to have fallen in love with) his jailer’s daughter. Before being executed for his love crimes (haha get it?) he wrote a farewell note to this woman, and he signed it “from your Valentine.” And thus this lovely holiday and its traditions were born (well candy and flowers didn’t come along until the 15th century).


I heard this story when I was a little girl and thought that it was so romantic and sweet that I fell in love with Valentines day and all it stood for (enter my valentine extravaganza week). I just think Valentines day is about more than the cards and the flowers and the candy. It’s about showing people you care about them when maybe you wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s an excuse to show some extra love, and of course to eat handfuls and handfuls of red, white and pink M&Ms. What, who is doing that, not me, no sir.

Happy Heart Day Friends!

PS. After New Years Day, Valentines day is the second most celebrated holiday around the world! And yes I did make the heart from the picture, it was super easy! Try it!

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