Gal-entine’s Day

Every year on February 13th my gal pals and I celebrate a friends valentines day, and we call it – Galentines (apparently this is from Parks and Rec, I need to watch that show). We all gather at an apartment and everyone brings a bottle of wine and something sweet to share. Everyone usually brings a small valentine’s something for the group but this year we went all out.

Homemade wine glass name tags and blood orange flavored champagne, naughty fortune cookies, foam heart and bug valentines



For my sweet treat this year, I made these little dudes, not sure really what to call them. Brownie sandwiches with salted caramel filling? Or deliciously decadent gooey chocolatey caramel frosted hearts? You decide – here is the recipe. I followed the recipe for the brownie and caramel part but the frosting was kind of a disaster for me. The caramel and the frosting would not mix together (either the caramel was too hot or the butter and sugar were too cold, nothing worked) so I separated them out and it seemed to have the same effect as salted caramel frosting.

For the caramel (which is easier to make than you think)





For the brownies and frosting








These are so chocolaty and moist and sticky that they make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside – hope you enjoy!


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