Valentine’s Day Cards

HAPPY VALENTINE’S WEEK! I seriously love Valentine’s day (and week in this case), the colors, the heart shaped everything, making valentines and eating candy! I loved it when I was little, and me being a big version of a child, I still love it now. And I still make and hand out valentines… to everyone. This year I made four different types of cards in varying degrees of chessiness.


Heart Baskets

I made these for my roomates (so I could hang them on their doors) and for some co workers (to hang on their monitors). For the rest of the co-workers I bought bug themed valentines – yes, the boxed ones that you passed out in class when you were five



This card is for our Pennsylvania office (its blank because we all need to sign it). Part of our team is over there so we decided to make them a card and some cookies from our half of the team and country to theirs


I ❤ You
For the parentals, I made a joint card this year (we will see how well that goes over) and it is super cheesey. It’s a puzzle and when you put it all together it reads “I love you to pieces.” Parents still love that kind of stuff right, even when you are 25?


And the mushiest gushiest card goes to my boo, my perfect match


The options are endless, especially with pinterest there to give you ideas. Check out my valentines board for more ideas. Happy crafting!



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