A Rose By Any Other Name…

In lieu of Valentine’s Day being next week (don’t worry I have a whole week of lovey dovey things to share) and to honor the most popular flower in the world,  I thought I would share a little rose knowledge. Not sure when I learned this or how many people know this but different rose colors can mean different things and send different messages. In high school, I asked a boy to the sadie hawkins dance with a yellow rose and a message in a bottle. I don’t think he understood the subtlety of my color selection, and I don’t think it really worked because we were dating the next week. Maybe I should have given him a yellow rose with red tips? I missed the mark on that one, but nonetheless here is a little guide to help you with your Valentine’s Day flower giving.

Red Roses most commonly mean romantic love or simply I Love You, which is why they are the most popular for Valentine’s Day

White Roses, used at weddings, are a symbol of purity and innocence

Light Pink Roses show your admiration for that person, your respect for them


Pink Roses represent appreciation and gratitude, they are a great thank you gift


Yellow Roses, as my fifteen year old self demonstrated, mean friendship


Yellow Roses with Red Tips, the rose my fifteen year old self should have put in that bottle, signify friends falling in love


I hope this helps anyone giving (or receiving, you can start hinting now) flowers next week. Have a great and colorful weekend!

red, white, light pink, pink, yellow, yellow with red tips

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