Ricky Bobby

Last night I had dinner with my friend Rachel at a new restaurant in Lower Haight. It has great reviews but the name alone drew me in – Ricky Bobby. Every time I say it in my head I hear the french man from Talladega Nights slur it together “rrrickybubby.” The food was perfectly hipster with a touch of gourmet and fried goodness – and they change their menu all the time to keep you coming back.


To start we had wine – first course is always wine with us.


Second course we had sweet potato tater tots – OH MAN – I need to find the machine that makes these, buy it and have tater tot parties because these were amazing. Fried cripsy on the outside and soft and sweet inside.


Third course we had short rib lasagna with rainbow chard, creamy tomato sauce and basil. This was so delicious and unexpected. The short ribs with the pasta and cheese were flavors I hadn’t had together, like a pot roast lasagna, but they worked perfectly with each other.


For the final course we had the bacon burger. This bad boy is beef and bacon ground together and comes with american cheese, the house mayo and ketchup mix, pickles and onions. It was delicious. Who knew mixing bacon into the burger could be such a game changer?


When I showed up and saw the five dollar ice cream sundae on the menu I told Rachel I wanted to get that. After we finished (well barely) she asked if I still wanted it and we both laughed. Needless to say that didn’t happen, maybe next time rrrickybubby.


Love n’ Haight

San Francisco is gorgeous today! I think the sunshine and the blue sky has made me super energetic and excited for the weekend! This weekend I have two birthday parties to go to, one going away party to go to (sad face, she is moving to New York) and duh the Oscars to watch on Sunday. Its going to be a jam packed weekend, but here is a little comedic relief  to ease everyone in.

LH1I need, and by need I mean don’t really need but really want, these sunnies. I want them so I can look as good as this guy, who I saw yesterday sitting outside a thrift shop, just chillin’ in his stylin’ red frames.  Happy Weekend!

Snow Days


Remember snow days?  I remember hoping and hoping when it started to snow that it would never stop so we could get a whole week off from school, a girl can dream right? Living in the Bay Area is awesome but it doesn’t get much snow, actually it doesn’t get any – but it is close enough to places that do get snow, so you can visit there without having to shovel/drive in/freeze from the snow everyday. This past weekend (Happy Birthday to the Presidents) we took a little trip to the Mammoth Mountains.


We rode the gondola up to the top of the mountain to take in the sights (that’s me in the middle) and then we rode it half way back down to take in the amazing bloody marys.


We went extreme sledding (never had this good of a hill in my backyard) and and made giant family style dinners that were eaten by the fire. All in all it was a fantastic weekend. I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and that you will get to enjoy a snow day soon!


Red, White and Pink M&Ms


This is one of my favorite holidays, I know people say its a made up day to profit the the card, flower and candy industries but it has a cute history. The story, as I know it, goes a little like this. Long ago a priest, Valentine was his name, would perform marriages for soldiers who were forbidden to marry (why they were forbidden to marry I don’t know, but he risked his neck to help people in love). He was arrested and imprisoned for doing this, and while in jail he was said to have healed (or maybe to have fallen in love with) his jailer’s daughter. Before being executed for his love crimes (haha get it?) he wrote a farewell note to this woman, and he signed it “from your Valentine.” And thus this lovely holiday and its traditions were born (well candy and flowers didn’t come along until the 15th century).


I heard this story when I was a little girl and thought that it was so romantic and sweet that I fell in love with Valentines day and all it stood for (enter my valentine extravaganza week). I just think Valentines day is about more than the cards and the flowers and the candy. It’s about showing people you care about them when maybe you wouldn’t have otherwise. It’s an excuse to show some extra love, and of course to eat handfuls and handfuls of red, white and pink M&Ms. What, who is doing that, not me, no sir.

Happy Heart Day Friends!

PS. After New Years Day, Valentines day is the second most celebrated holiday around the world! And yes I did make the heart from the picture, it was super easy! Try it!

Gal-entine’s Day

Every year on February 13th my gal pals and I celebrate a friends valentines day, and we call it – Galentines (apparently this is from Parks and Rec, I need to watch that show). We all gather at an apartment and everyone brings a bottle of wine and something sweet to share. Everyone usually brings a small valentine’s something for the group but this year we went all out.

Homemade wine glass name tags and blood orange flavored champagne, naughty fortune cookies, foam heart and bug valentines



For my sweet treat this year, I made these little dudes, not sure really what to call them. Brownie sandwiches with salted caramel filling? Or deliciously decadent gooey chocolatey caramel frosted hearts? You decide – here is the recipe. I followed the recipe for the brownie and caramel part but the frosting was kind of a disaster for me. The caramel and the frosting would not mix together (either the caramel was too hot or the butter and sugar were too cold, nothing worked) so I separated them out and it seemed to have the same effect as salted caramel frosting.

For the caramel (which is easier to make than you think)





For the brownies and frosting








These are so chocolaty and moist and sticky that they make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside – hope you enjoy!


Valentine’s Day Cards

HAPPY VALENTINE’S WEEK! I seriously love Valentine’s day (and week in this case), the colors, the heart shaped everything, making valentines and eating candy! I loved it when I was little, and me being a big version of a child, I still love it now. And I still make and hand out valentines… to everyone. This year I made four different types of cards in varying degrees of chessiness.


Heart Baskets

I made these for my roomates (so I could hang them on their doors) and for some co workers (to hang on their monitors). For the rest of the co-workers I bought bug themed valentines – yes, the boxed ones that you passed out in class when you were five



This card is for our Pennsylvania office (its blank because we all need to sign it). Part of our team is over there so we decided to make them a card and some cookies from our half of the team and country to theirs


I ❤ You
For the parentals, I made a joint card this year (we will see how well that goes over) and it is super cheesey. It’s a puzzle and when you put it all together it reads “I love you to pieces.” Parents still love that kind of stuff right, even when you are 25?


And the mushiest gushiest card goes to my boo, my perfect match


The options are endless, especially with pinterest there to give you ideas. Check out my valentines board for more ideas. Happy crafting!



A Rose By Any Other Name…

In lieu of Valentine’s Day being next week (don’t worry I have a whole week of lovey dovey things to share) and to honor the most popular flower in the world,  I thought I would share a little rose knowledge. Not sure when I learned this or how many people know this but different rose colors can mean different things and send different messages. In high school, I asked a boy to the sadie hawkins dance with a yellow rose and a message in a bottle. I don’t think he understood the subtlety of my color selection, and I don’t think it really worked because we were dating the next week. Maybe I should have given him a yellow rose with red tips? I missed the mark on that one, but nonetheless here is a little guide to help you with your Valentine’s Day flower giving.

Red Roses most commonly mean romantic love or simply I Love You, which is why they are the most popular for Valentine’s Day

White Roses, used at weddings, are a symbol of purity and innocence

Light Pink Roses show your admiration for that person, your respect for them


Pink Roses represent appreciation and gratitude, they are a great thank you gift


Yellow Roses, as my fifteen year old self demonstrated, mean friendship


Yellow Roses with Red Tips, the rose my fifteen year old self should have put in that bottle, signify friends falling in love


I hope this helps anyone giving (or receiving, you can start hinting now) flowers next week. Have a great and colorful weekend!

red, white, light pink, pink, yellow, yellow with red tips

Love n’ Haight

Red has never really been my color, it’s just a bit too loud for my taste. But I do love it when it adds a little pop of color to an outfit. Whether its a red belt, or a red scarf or red shoes, that little splash is definitely more my style – especially when that splash is dangling over your head as you walk down the street.

shoes2The wedges are from Madewell (my new obsession) and the legs with the red heels are so much a part of Haight I hope the costume store they belong to never closes.

Spinach & Artichoke Dip Cups

I’m not gonna lie – when I thought about what I was going to write about in this post last week I thought I was going to be talking about the 49ers winning and and that I would be bragging about how awesome SF is – I think I got a little too overzealous. Yesterday was hard for all of us and today was just rough. No one was smiling or laughing, no one was wearing red and gold, and even the skies were gloomy and overcast. I’m sure every losing team fan says this after the super bowl but we were cheated, flat out robbed! The refs made some ridiculous calls and the Ravens got away with a lot. But that’s all I’m going to say about the game – on to happier and tastier things.

Besides Superbowl Sunday being about the game (which we will not speak of again) it’s also about the FOOD. We went to our friends house and I made little spinach and artichoke dip cups.


-2 cups spinach
-2 cloves garlic
-3 tbs butter
-1/2 package of cream cheese (4 oz)
-artichoke dip (small container)
-grands buscuits (1 container)
-parmesan cheese


Melt the butter in a pan and add the garlic. Cook for about a minute or until garlic becomes fragrant. Throw in the spinach and saute until wilted and dark green.

Add the spinach, garlic mixture and the cream cheese to the pre-made dip and stir in parmesan cheese. (I also used store bought biscuits but you can easily make your own) Cut each biscuit into quarters and press them into the buttered muffin tin.

068 069

Scoop the spinach mixture into each cup and top with another layer of parm cheese. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes or until the edges and bottoms of the cups are golden brown.


And VOILA spinach dip in mini cup form, good enough to make the saddest 49ers fan happy again!