Love n’ Haight

You know how people ask you that question “if you could live in any time period, which would you pick?” What would your answer be?

I think mine would be the  60’s. I would have definitely been into wearing long dresses, putting flowers in my hair and painting my face. I also love what the era stood for, making changes – removing hate and replacing it with love. I feel like Haight Street now is still a good representation of that feeling and era.

And to honor the beloved Haight Street, and my love-hate (pun intended) relationship with it – every week I’m going to feature something from this famous street, whether it be something weird or annoying (enter street kids) or funny or pretty or unique, and match it with something I am currently coveting, or loving.


The pastel shirt is from H&M and the peace sign was on the sidewalk outside my apartment.

Peace and blessings to all of you flower children!

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